Material Girl Laura

To begin with I have to say that every fabric purchase from Laura has been made up within weeks sometimes days from arriving. She selects the most amazing fabrics to feed our fabric passion.

I was humbled when Laura asked me to write a guest blog for her. You know my answer if you are reading this blog! I had my eye on this beautiful botanical print after she had added it to her IG account.

I knew for Laura’s regular stories that this viscose has a fantastic drape and it would work for the Vogue Pattern had I just bought from a destash. It is perfect for the on trend frills. I was gifted enough to sew up view C.

As my sewing ability has progressed I love the insides to look as great as the outside. In my opinion ‘French Seams’ where needed. I have developed my own way.. placing the two wrong side together I use the overlocker to connect the corresponding seams. Then press with a hot iron and reverse the fabric to encase the overlocking stitching and sew 1cm seam allowance.

The result means the insides are extremely neat and your garment will wear longer as the seam is stronger. The pattern has a hidden placket to be honest I winged this step and it looks right to me!

I also added decorative stitching to finish the cuff.

For the ruffles I have just learnt a ‘new to me’ technique which involves you picking up the thread from the bottom spool and pulling it up through the fabric you extend the cotton length the the size of the area you want gathering. Then zig zag stitch over the two threads. Finish at the end point then pull the ends to gather. Because your stitches are secure at the start you have no chance of losing the thread and it’s super speedy as you only need to sew once on the seam line.

On to the pictures. The first weekend I was full of Cold then the second weekend Storm Dennis made an appearance but us Northern girls are used to the extreme weather so it had to be done. Giving my IG followers a laugh With an out take!

love you Dennis !

Followed with some good ones…

I feel for fabric suppliers in this current climate with a shift in ‘sewing your stash’ and sensibly resourcing fabrics. Honestly I can say that Laura looks after her customers long after the purchase with lovely comments that make buying from Material Girl Laura stand out from the crowd! Also sourcing beautiful fabrics – next make currently cut out ready to go.

Thank you Laura x

Ready for #pissedoclock with my Leggylad

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