Homer and Howells Lennox

If you follow me you know how much I love sewing and wearing jumpsuits I even have my own hashtag #jumpsuitqueenjen in my IG highlights you can see over 60 I’ve made.

I pattern tested the #hhinnes top for Nic and Susan Homer and Howells and I got to see their recent pattern realises and I seen the #hhlennox that was due to be released soon. I discovered after drinking a few vinos so with Dutch courage I contacted them saying I would love to pattern test being a bit of an expert in the jumpsuits field.

I was thrilled when they replied thinking it was a great idea and I got to help them prior testing by being sent the toile to try over zoom we discussed the early fitting issues. I must say they had more or less nailed it before I was involved.

As soon as I received the A0 Copy I got straight into cutting out size 14. I used a cotton I bought from Material girl Laura in my signature floral print.

After trying the toile I knew I needed the sleeve for a bicep enlargement. pictures show this process.

The instructions (even before testing) where great and I so chuffed with my first stand up collar.

The full process of sewing was a joy and of course after trying the toile I knew I could jump straight in ( excuse the pun!) it was really straight forward and I love the result.

Button decisions

Loved the result and the fit was great.

Just like me as soon as I’ve made something my mind goes into over drive and I NEED to make it again. I had bought 3 metres of this beautiful velvet curtain material that I was originally going to be a trouser suit but I could imagine this as a #hhlennox

When using velvet especially this one it was important to cut out in the right way to get the colour correct from the nap.

Another issue was this fabric has a thermal white reverse so if I wore the top open you would see this so I had to add a lining. Also sewing I had to use a purple tipped needle usually used for a stretched/knit fabric.

I also checked button holes on a scrap piece of fabric and I really wasn’t happy with the result. I also thought the front placket would be lovely plain. I used Poppers for fastenings these needed adding before sewing the facing down. They worked perfectly and it’s quicker to un do if you’ve left it to ‘spend a penny’

It was also causing thickness so I used lining fabric for the under collar and hand sewn to finish the neckline. Again it was hard to sew thimble was needed.

I’m so pleased I had made it in cotton fabric first otherwise this might have been left as a UFO but I’m over the moon with the result and it was worth all the thought processes.

My lovely photographer friend Nikki invited me to have it pictured with the reindeer shoots she was taking.

My Christmas Day outfit is complete! Even though my house isn’t (another story)

Thank you Susan and Nic I feel so privileged to have been part of this journey with you both.

Selvedge and Bolts Hannah

I discovered Selvedge and Bolts in the early stages and had many DM conversations with Dibs about the fabric she was sourcing and how much I loved it. For me it’s not just that a lot of it is ex designer it’s the fact that it’s totally different. In the early days it was easier to add to the cart so I can’t say I’m happy about the popularity of this business now.

Only joking! Dibs keep going …

Like a lot of fabric shop owners I feel they get to know their customers and buy with a particular one in mind. Dibs seen this fabric and contacted me to see if I would make something up in it for a blog. Dibs gave me 2 metres Dreams come true when you wear floral and I loved it so much I purchased another metre so I had more of this delicious fabric to play with.


I didn’t have a pattern in mind, also buying online, I think you really need to wait until it arrives to feel the fluidity of the fabric in real. When this arrived last week and did just that and imagined a long flowing dress, with an additional mandatory frill of course.

I’ve admired #bhlhannah from By Hand London and I did make it up in a top but it was an epic fail. The wrap didn’t quite cover my assets so when Elisalex brought out a blog with tuition to provide more coverage I knew I wanted to attempt it again. I followed and made a toile to check the fit and it was a success so I jumped straight in. It’s a really easy make.


I replaced the roulade fastenings with ribbon from my stash. Bishop sleeves are perfect with with weight of fabric. I usually avoid gathered waists but the distribution of gathers in the pattern instructions allow the flatness around the waistline.

I also need to mention my silver needle necklace from Joanna


I’m a brand ambassador for Husqvarna along with my lovely sewing friend Laura @cottonrealstudio we both bought our Opal690q and we get provided with the accessories of our choice, in return we will post on IG. We had some online training via zoom (the way of the world at the moment). I had the ruffler foot and I was blown away with how easy it was to use. I was dying to have a go and this was the perfect opportunity to get that frill.


I couldn’t be happier with the result. Colour and floral prints are definitely my signature style. My next wish is to get out of tier three and be able to go out for a meal with my Leggylad wearing it!

I love the gathering distribution