Gingham Rules Nerida Hansen

January fabric ban = epic fail

This broke me…. but all is forgiven Josie at Fabric Godmother

I’ve loved Australian based Nerida Hansen prints forever I’m so pleased we can now get our creative hands on them in the UK. The quality of this fabric is amazing and it was hard to narrow it down so choosing two contrasting colour ways I really wanted to do it justice. It was so hard to to decide on the right pattern.
Scrolling through IG as you do I found @Katiemakesadress truly honest blog using this fabric which helped so much, then I found this image of a hacked dress using @fridaypatterncompany #squareneckedtop I loved it but couldn’t find the blog and I knew I wanted to add a more fitted waistline, so let the hacking begin….

I purchase 1 metre Large & Small Gingham Cotton Poplin – Red & Pink for the top then 1.5 metres Gingham Cotton Poplin – Multi Colour Mix it will be luck of the draw which colour verations you will get but I had the pink beige repeated twice so I knew this had to be my bottom ruffle.

I cut out the Large in the square necked top symmetrically then squared the front length.

The bottom length was used to create the inner casing for elastic. I pressed that into place using the block of red for contrast.

Before I secured this I added the skirt. Basically the rectangle of fabric sewn on one side. I added gathers and attached to the top bodice with the seam at one side for continuity. Following this I sewed the casing adding 1 inch elastic.

The ruffle for the skirt was made from 2 widths of the fabric. I hemmed it before I attached it to the bodice.

I got carried away with the process and I can’t say it was pure skill I think Devine intervention came into play too!

After completing the skirt I went back over to finish the top. These days I like the insides to be as neat as possible so I face the interfacing on the neckline. Details are saved in highlights on IG under Husqvarna Tips

Finally for the sleeves I cut a 3 inch section of the width green colour way then cut it in half. Then pressed it over added gathering stitches and attached to the sleeves.

To complete this make I had the perfect labels from Victoria Little Rosy cheeks

Pics taken in the frosty sunshine… I cannot wait for the warmer weather!