Patina Blouse – Friday Pattern Company

Every now and again a pattern drops and I become obsessed. The current obsession is the Friday Pattern Company #PatinaBlouse

I really love the collar detail. It to big not to small and the depth of the V feels so comfortable, not revealing and extremely flattering.

Over the last few years I embraced making shirts. I was always scared of button holes so I avoided them, until I got my Husqvarna 690q the stitch and tear on the reverse is my secret to an even finish. I also use Leggylads chisel to create a clean button opening.

I used my special fabric, a Liberty print. This could have been risky for the first but I have all faith in Friday Pattern Company and the patterns.

The first Patina Blouse I made within 24 hours of the pattern realise. I loved making it. It’s a great pattern for beginners as the instructions are so clear and the construction is clever. I’ve never made a shirt like this previously. Also inside can be as beautiful with French seams and the sleeve isn’t inset.

I was right not to be concerned I cut a L with no modifications and I love it.

In my stash I had another special fabric. Rifle and co. I bought it with the intentions of using the darker print as contrast. I knew this would work perfectly. I had 1.5 metres of the cream background. 0.5 of the contrast. This fabric (as is the liberty) is only narrow so Tetris was needed. I found the perfect buttons too!

I added a button detail to the sleeve cuff
Looks amazing with my vintage cardigan find

This one happened by accident. The original bodice I cut out (from a different pattern maker) ended up being to small. I had a re think and cut out the bodice of the Patina Blouse. I shortened the bodice to the waist to add a skirt. I had already cut out the Anthea Blouse Sleeves. To insert these I connected the side seams to do a conventional sleeve insert. It worked perfectly

I also added a frill to the collar.

I realised the colour of the fabric worked with lots of my previous makes so I decided to make a two piece. This left me in a dilemma as my bodice was tho short. So I added a band using a rectangle that I doubled over. I tried it on with the belt and decided to add a channel of 1cm elastic.

The elastic channel added the gathering effect I wanted.
Rocking the 80’s vibes

This looks great wearing it over the skirt or with trousers and the elastic helps to keep the top in place when I wear it underneath a pinafore and dungarees.

The elastic helps it stay in place whilst wearing under garments.

My fourth was actually cut out prior the third. This is in a beautiful self embossed cream fabric. I’ve chosen the long sleeves with a placket. Watch this space…

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